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Sapphire and Sage Law Offices is amongst the few firms in the country with a niche specialized expertise in the Aviation & Defence industry, an area that demands a differentiated and unique set of skills.


The Firm has worked with some of the world’s leading aerospace and defence companies and its expertise in this Sector space is a result of rich experience across a variety of transactions and structures. The Firm’s learned and experienced aviation lawyers have been serving well to the aviation sector of India, but they can also do this in any country the world over, and can effectively handle any aviation case. The Firm is known to the Indian aviation agencies for its good performances.


The Firm understands the challenges/complexities involved and is able to deliver solution-oriented counsel that enables its clients to operate comfortably within the applicable related regulatory and legal frameworks. The Firm has advised a long-standing list of domestic and international companies including airline operators, as well as financial investors, lenders and leasing companies on aircraft financing transactions and strategic issues in connection with repossession of aircraft and aircraft engines – both, hostile and consensual.

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