In the mining sector, Sapphire & Sage Law Offices provides strategic advice to private and public sector companies in India and to foreign companies on different ventures. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of all laws and regulations governing the challenging mining sector.


The Firm has extensive experience in assisting clients in negotiating, drafting and vetting bidding documents as well as agreements (both standard and non-standard) at every stage of mining, from the physical extraction from or beneath the ground, to processing (including conveyor belt systems, processing plants and computer systems) to haulage and delivery; involvement in the delivery of infrastructure ancillary to mining operations from transport (road and rail) to accommodation (office and residential) to services (water and wastewater, power, pipelines); such as joint ventures for coal mining projects, coal import and marketing agreements, leasing agreements for mining and quarrying, sub-contracting agreements, coal supply agreements, drilling contracts, etc. The Firm also assists its clients in conducting due diligence, obtaining approvals and consents from competent authorities, etc.


The Firm’s specialist services also include titles and authorities, compensation, access to land planning, advice on pollution law, litigation and risk management, project advocacy, project finance, operating procedures, and manuals.

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