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The Firm’s M&A practice involves advice on strategic corporate mergers and acquisitions. The team is well equipped to take a transaction from start to finish – and is known for expert advise on all ancillary aspects to a M&A matter.


The Firm endeavors to combine its rich experience and expertise in domestic laws/regulations with research capabilities to devise innovative structures for M&A. The Firm’s sector-focused approach to work allows it to interact with diverse M&A clients and address the transactions in a more scientific manner with sector experts.


The Firm’s Joint Ventures Practice is a unique blend of expertise arising from a deep understanding of domestic laws with vast international cross-border experience. The Practice Group is geared to advise clients on all facets of joint ventures (JVs) – investment strategies, tax, and corporate structures, investment documentation, compliances, IP licensing and strategy, franchising and exits including acquisitions and third-party sales.

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