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The Firm has in-depth knowledge in all areas of broadcasting and media regulation and advises its clients on issues ranging from pay-per-view contracts to digital copyright matters to the convergence of media and network technologies. We advise our clients on foreign investment in the media sector and offer advice on media laws in India with regard to government regulations and policies relating to broadcasting.


Our lawyers have extensive experience in a variety of matters crucial to the industry, including without limitation on various IPR related issues including Trademarks, Copyrights, licensing, transfer and acquisition of intellectual property, etc. as well as conducting due diligence of IPR. We also handle claims for copyright infringement, intellectual property disputes, contract disputes, and unfair competition claims.


Additionally, the Firm also has experience in handling false advertising, rights of publicity, employment matters, as well as in structuring, drafting, vetting & negotiations of Agreements for Artists, Production, Distribution, Service, etc.

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