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Sapphire & Sage Law Offices, with its in-depth understanding of various financial products and services, is able to offer its clients the kind of counsel needed to navigate through complex regulatory environments. The Firm’s clients range from domestic as well as multinational financial institutions and the Firm also acts for various companies on the borrowing side. The Firm’s scope of work routinely includes advice on regulatory issues, new banking products and services, risk and capital management, financing, banking regulation, debt restructuring, bankruptcy and recovery proceedings, security creation and enforcement, structured credit, securitisation, derivatives, and consumer banking. The Firm’s sector specific knowledge and familiarity places it at a unique advantage to deliver sophisticated counsel on a broad spectrum of topics.


The Firm’s experience spans across:​​

  • Representing lenders and borrowers on projects related to structured finance, corporate and acquisition finance and project finance transactions;

  • The securitisation of various types of loans, including mortgages, vehicle finance, corporate and personal loans, hire purchase, and leases;

  • Debt restructuring, including restructurings under the joint lender forums, corporate debt restructuring mechanism, court-approved schemes of arrangement, or negotiated settlements;

  • Bankruptcy and recovery proceedings and security enforcement, both contentious and non-contentious;

  • Derivatives products, including advising clients on litigation relating to the enforceability challenges to derivatives products in India.

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